Cell Phone Repair Indianapolis, Indiana & Surrounding Areas
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Cell Phone Repair Indianapolis

Cell Phone Medic Indianapolis, Indiana / Greenwood, IN

Cell Phone Medic repairs all makes and models of cell phones in Indianapolis and Greenwood, Indiana.  Not just regular cell phones, but smart phones too.  For a complete list of cell phone repairs check out our “Cell Phone Repair”  services page.  Cell Phone Medic would be glad to help with all your questions you may have about repairing your cell phone.  Charlie Fergason is the owner of Cell Phone Medic in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Throughout his entire career, Charlie has worked in professions that require a high degree of problem solving and customer service.  He has a passion for solving problems and finding solutions for people, which is why he enjoys the cell phone repair industry so much.  His children are grown and out on their own, so he uses his time now to help people repair their cell phones.  Charlie is a certified level 3 cell phone technician that can help with all your cell phone repair needs.  Call him today at 317-883-8030 if you need your cell phone repaired in Indianapolis, IN or Greenwood, IN.